The themes were set based on “Needs/Challenges related to financial services.”

We have set the themes based on the opinions we have received from residents and businesses in Tokyo.
For the "Financial Innovation Category", we invite financial businesses offering financial services and products that could be a solution for each theme.
We will select the three most outstanding applicants as award-receiving businesses, considering their solution's innovativeness and feasibility, etc.

Themes Requiring Solutions

Category Themes
Themes shared across all financial services 1. Fostering collaboration within the financial industry, and between financial and non-financial industries
2. Streamlining of financial asset management (e.g., centralized management of bank accounts, insurance, securities, inheritance)
3. Greater availability of neutral and individually tailored advisory services regarding financial products and services
4. User-friendly financial services that are prepared for “the 100-year life” (e.g., financial services that assist those with age-related cognitive decline)
5. Financial services available in multiple languages and currencies (e.g., aimed at international financial transactions, overseas travelers)
6. Promotion of financial education (e.g., education regarding asset management and insurance)
Deposits / Withdrawals 7. Enhanced inter-bank operability (e.g., ATM usage, account management)
8. Enhanced convenience of online banking (e.g., cost reduction, ease of use/management)
Payments 9. Greater availability of cashless payments (e.g., expanded options for cashless payments, proliferation of stores that accept cashless payments, enhanced interoperability)
10. Enhanced convenience of payment methods (e.g., cost reduction, expansion of value-added features beyond payment functionality)
Asset Management 11. Proliferation of investment products and services with low barriers to entry (e.g., products that enable investments with small amounts, reduced costs)
Insurance 12. Simplified insurance procedures
13. Insurance sharing
Financing 14. Easier-to-use financial services (e.g., shorter screening times, lower interest rates)
15. Financial services that support newly established businesses, such as startups
DX / Infrastructure 16. Promotion of data utilization in financial fields
17. Streamlined work processes in financial fields (e.g., streamlining processes for initiating use of financial services and for verifying ID)
18. Improved security for fintech services (BtoB, BtoC)
19. Facilitation of carbon credit trading (e.g., building trading platforms, services that enhance transparency of carbon credits)
20. Promotion of supply chain finance (e.g., acceleration of fund collection, streamlining of trade procedures)