We use many financial services in our day-to-day life, using e-money to take trains, withdrawing money from ATMs at convenience stores, or taking out life or auto insurance. If you have interests in investing, you may also be investing in stocks or investment trust funds.

Have you ever felt that it would be even better if it was just a little more convenient, or that?

In addition, financial institutions that provide their respective financial services are constantly striving to improve their services and streamline their operations.

For the “Financial Innovation Category”, Tokyo residents and businesses are invited to submit any dissatisfaction they feel, or requests they have regarding the BtoB or BtoC services in Tokyo, or services they wish. Tokyo Metropolitan Government will choose the theme to be resolved from these applications, and ask domestic and foreign financial companies offering relevant solutions to apply for.

From the applicants, the best three examples will be chosen by 2 judging processes and awarded. The first, second and third prize winner receive 10M JPY, 5M JPY, 3M JPY, respectively.



Submission of resolutions

First Judgement

Start of the Support Program

Final Judgement

Award Ceremony

Call for


The “Financial Innovation Category” of the Tokyo Financial Award invites financial businesses to apply for “Solutions” to “Themes to be solved” which are based on the needs and challenges related to financial services which were submitted by residents and businesses in Tokyo.

The solutions submitted by applicants are examined in terms of consistency with the theme, innovativeness in technology and business model, and feasibility, among other factors.

We will provide support programs to approximately 15 applicants in Japan and from overseas in order to help them brush up their work for the purpose of commercialization.

After the program, we will conduct a final screening and announce the top three applicants at the award ceremony.
10 million yen, 5 million yen, 3 million yen will be awarded as prize money respectively to first place, second place, and third place applicants.

We look forward to receiving applicants from many businesses.

Deadline for
11:59p.m., Friday, August 30, 2024 (Japan Standard Time)
How to
Please apply from this application form
Please click here to see the FAQs.
Please download the application guidelines here.
* Here is a leaflet summarizing the Tokyo Financial Award.
List of
themes to
be solved
Here is a list of themes in each area for which we are accepting applications.


For companies selected after the First-Stage screening, we will provide support programs to brush up the products and services they develop and offer, including holding preliminary seminars, mentoring/business meetings, networking events, and business matching opportunities.


SAITO SoSo & Sato Law Offices Representative Attorney
DOI FumiyoPartner / Attorney at Law, Atsumi & Sakai
OGYU YasuyukiPartner, Strategic Impact Unit, Blockchain Business Leader, EY Strategy and Consulting Co., Ltd.
SUZUKI KaneiDirector, Strategic Impact Unit, EY Strategy and Consulting Co., Ltd.

Business Matching Partner Companies

・To Be Confirmed


Committee Chair

YAMAOKA Hiromi :Board Member and Chief Sustainability Officer, Future Corporation
Special Advisor for International Finance, Tokyo Metropolitan Government

Committee Members

OE Kayo :President and CEO, Office Libertas
UCHIYAMA Tomonori :Professor, Graduate School of Management, Tokyo Metropolitan University
MASUJIMA Masakazu :Partner, Mori Hamada & Matsumoto
CHANG Li :Director, Fintech Association of Japan